Innovation in Explosives
Trace Detection

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We do it for better
public safety

Our team aims to develop convenient and reliable solutions
based on state of the art technology and the world
leading scientific expertise. We address the emerging
challenges of globalizing world and accelerating
communication by increasing transparency of the flow
of things and people.

MTTD-ONE is a concept designed for transportation and
logistics security with the special focus on automated
luggage and parcel screening for explosives detection.
This solution is applicable in transport nodes, logistic
hubs and critical infrastructure.

Our first prototype has been tried in a pilot test
at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport's baggage handling area.
The test has been successfully concluded in summer 2016.

Extreme sensitivity combined
with high selectivity and speed
of sampling

Using proprietary technology we have achieved superior
sensitivity in detecting explosives and hazardous
chemicals. Record breaking 1 part per quadrillion *)
detection threshold achieved for RDX **) and PETN
***), the two explosives most commonly used in acts
of aviation terrorism.
The current MTTD-ONE device is capable of ultrahigh
sensitivity detection of the following explosives
and related species
RDX (hexahydro-1,3,5
1,3-propanediol tetranitrate
(Methyl-2,4,6 trinitro
phenyl nitramine)

Currently we are
optimizing the system
for detection of

Illicit Drugs
Nerve Agents And
Other Chemical
Warfare Agents
Toxic Industrial
Chemicals (TIC)
* 1 part per quadrillion = 1 molecule of target substance in million billion ( 1015 ) molecules of air. Diameter of a hair corresponds to 1 part per quadrillion of distance between Earth and Sun.
** RDX in acts of terrorism: 1993: Bombay bombings – 1999: Russian apartment bombings – 1999/2000: Ahmed Ressam, the al-Qaeda Millennium Bomber Los Angeles International Airport bomb plot – 2004: Russian aircraft bombings – 2005: assassination of Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri – 2006: Mumbai train bombings – 2008: Jaipur bombings - 2010: Moscow Metro bombings. RDX is also used as detonating compound in C4-plastic explosive.
*** PETN in acts of terrorism: 1983: the "Maison de France" house in Berlin. – 2001 "Shoe Bomber’s" attempt to bomb the American Airlines Flight. – 2009: attempt to murder the Saudi Arabian Deputy Minister – 2009: attempt to bomb the Northwest Airlines Flight - 2010: cargo plane bomb plot in Dubai on flights bound for the U.S.

Speed & Selectivity

Continuous sampling from
existing conveyor systems.
No need to stop the cargo line
Simultaneous detection of all
species. Unlike most mass
spectrometric methods
our mass analyzer detects
all substances simultaneously
False positives minimized.
Superior selectivity guarantees
that no alarm is set due to
harmless compounds
Sampling in less than a second.
Screening rate of more than
thousand objects per hour
Record speed of response
(< 5 seconds)
100% high volume
flow coverage
Detection with online signal
processing and interpretation
Automatic labor
effective solution

How it works MTTD-ONE

Sample extraction
Mass Analyzer
Ionization System
Sample collection
and desorption unit
Decision making algorithm

Do you endeavor better public or private safety
and keen to know how
our technology might help?

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With an increasing flow of people, luggage
and cargo partial sampling at times fails
to be sufficient. In terms of transport
security and public safety it induces an
overwhelming pressure on security
systems and passengers. Here at KARSA
, our goal is to provide the solution that is
capable of 100% high-resolution screening
at the same time fast and convenient for
security operators and travelers.
DarkNet black markets utilizing
conventional carriers to distribute illicit
substances and recent grievous events
of China parcel bombings have shown that
logistic hubs can be very vulnerable.
KARSA is able to provide solutions for
screening more than 1000 parcels per
hour, delivering high level of security
without slowing down the exchange of
Critical infrastructures have always
required high level of security in order to
restrain incoming and outcoming threats.
It is important to conduct screening
operations with sufficient accuracy and
in the most convenient way possible not
to disrupt the operations of the
organization. KARSA provides solutions
that are ultrasensitive, autonomous and
convenient to use in a wide range of

Who we are

Karsa Ltd is a spin-off company
supported by University of Helsinki,
international industry partners
and venture capital.
As part of the university project, group led by Dr. Mikko Sipilä* started working on
adaptation of technological know-hows to detect explosives in 2013.

In 2016, we have developed a prototype of one of the most sensitive detectors
in the world, versatile in use of application and capable of bringing
public safety to the new level. The concept was successfully
tested at the international airport and now we concentrate
our efforts to make it complete as a company!
Mikko Sipilä, PhD, Docent, Associate Professor at the
Department of Physics, University of Helsinki
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