We do it for better
public safety and
innovative research

We develop convenient
and reliable solutions based
on advanced technology
and world leading scientific

The system was initially
developed for detection
of rare essentially non
-volatile and sticky
atmospheric molecules

This technology has been
used in diverse environments
continuously and proven
robust and reliable

cern: switzerland
Boreal forests
university of helsinki
Polar sites:

We use this experience
to innovate in the field
of molecular detection
of explosives, drugs
and CWA

We use this
experience to
innovate in the
field of molecular
detection of
drugs and CWA

With an increasing flow of people, luggage
and cargo conventional screening methods at
times fail to be sufficient. In terms of transport
overwhelming pressure on security systems
and passengers. Our goal is to provide
solutions that are capable of high-resolution
screening at the same time fast and
convenient for security operators and their
Criminal and terrorist organizations exploiting
logistic networks is a serious threat to our
society and the economy. We are able to
provide solutions for screening parcels and
cargo in a new way, delivering high level of
security without slowing down the exchange
of goods.
Innovative research
KARSA primarily develops state-of-the-art
instrumentation for molecular detection of
explosives. However, we believe that our
solutions can enable research wherever
ultra-sensitive and versatile molecular
detection is needed. We are ready to offer
solutions from complete systems to integral
parts and accessories.

We offer user-oriented solutions
and targeted approach to challenges
in explosives detection and state
of the art research

Contact us
Mikko Sipilä

Science Fellow

H. J. Jost

Chief Executive Officer

Aleksei Shcherbinin

Сhief Product Officer
Сhief Financial Officer

Oskari Kausiala

Software Architect

Bikram Thapa

Software Engineer

Verner Hemmilä

Lead Engineer

Jyri Mikkilä

Director of Engineering

Evgenia Iakovleva

Research Scientist

Paxton Juuti

Research Scientist

Joona Mikkilä

Research Scientist

Claudia Poikela

Executive Assistant

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